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General Tire Celebrates 100 Years​

General Tire Celebrates 100 Years

  • It is an American Tire Manufacturing Company.
  • It was founded in Akron, Ohio 1915 as General Tire & Rubber
  • Its headquarter in Fort Mill, United States.
  • Its key people are William F. O’Neil.
  • Official Website:

It was back in 1950 when blue William F. O’Neal and his partner went pretty fort founded the General Tire and Rubber Company in Akron Ohio. They were convinced that their product would stand out from all the rest and eventually joined with the best dealers to setup a nationwide horse that wouldn’t be stopped unheard of by today’s standards the General Tire and Rubber Company turned a profit in its first year in the mid-1920’s generals technical accomplishments were earning respect to the thin high pressure tire were quickly and were prone to blowouts.

General Tire engineering team members revolutionized the industry when they invented the low pressure balloon jumbo. 1929 may have ushered in the great Depression but the 30s were a period of growth for general tire acquiring a subsidiary in Mexico. It was soon selling its tires worldwide with innovative designs like Dual Balloon.

General tire dual balloon

The Dual laid in for stability in the rain the squeegee General signed on as an original equipment tire supplier to General Motors in 1955 and rest of Detroit followed soon after General responded with the new plants in Bryan Ohio in MAYFIELD Kentucky to stay ahead in quality assurance field General built the world’s largest tire test track in Valdez Texas by 1973.

General Tire Super Squeegee

General had a dedicated radial tire plant in mount Vernon Illinois for a total of six large manufacturing plants at work in Unites States. In 1970’s and 80’s General Tyre gradually grew into a very diverse company with many interest so in 1984 the shareholders transform General into a holding company named GENCORP.

Gen Corp logo

General tire incorporated became the tire manufacturing entity then in 1987 to fend off a stock takeover bid by a corporate raider GenCorp sold general tire to Continental AG general now lives on a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental Tire the Americas producing tyres that share a number of continentals engineering and research resources.

Mayfield Plants

Bringing exciting new tire technology to market the Mount Vernon Illinois plant turns out over 3 million general  tires a year and 100% of the extreme Terrain general grabber line in and continues to serve as headquarters for world class research and development GM tire product lines for passenger cars light trucks and SUV’s have never been stronger through their sponsorship with Lucas Oil best in the desert in major league fishing.

General Tire (GM Tire) Targets the Off-roads enthusiast the adventure seeker and the great outdoor consumer from work to play and everything in between General Tires Makes every drive in Adventure.

General Tires cars

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