Continental Tire Logo History

  • It is a German automotive industry founded in 1871.
  • Their Headquarters are in Hanover, Germany.
  • Its key people are Wolfgang Reitzle ( Chairman) & Elmar Degenha (CEO).
  • As of 2019, there are 244,582 employees of Continental Tire.
  • Official Website : Continental.Com

Started from 1875

Continental first logo is showing the location name with horse and also the circle in which some text.

Continental logo 1875

Continental logo 1882

We have a white horse in something like there’s like i think dirt below it
an then its inside this black circle and actually its inside another circles in it.
between the circles we have the word CC & GPC H.

Continental logo 1882

Continental tyre logo 1948

continental tire 

Continental logo 1979

Continental logo 2013

Continental tires logo Present

We have two word continental in black text and right side looking we have a horse inside this circle and then we have another circle with the words in it continent. also i think there is a secret to this if the C is bigger than the rest of the letters in the word continental C and the O come together to make a tire look because it is an automotive industry like tire. Both C O combine look like a tire.

Continental Tires

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