Entrepreneurs Who Support Young Maserati Founders

Maserati is proud to partner with the Center for Entrepreneurs. The collaboration is characterized by shared values in terms of the positive impact entrepreneurs have on the economy and society as a whole. The nurturing of the entrepreneurial spirit is something that Maserati’s founders, Alfieri Maserati and his Brothers were passionate supporters of too.

Over 100 years ago Maserati began with the same humble, pioneering beginnings. Innovation, vision and the determination to succeed were as relevant then as today. Auto Cars Industry That determination and spirit needs support, and the people that provide that crucial support are recognized here with our partnership with the Center.

“Behind every successful founder is a group of supportive, helpful people who often go unrecognized. The Maserati 100 shines a spotlight on those individuals who make a difference. If you are an entrepreneur who has beneficial from the wisdom and encouragement to anyone during your journey, I would like to strongly encourage you to nominate them.” Oli Barrett MBE :Current Maserati 100 awardee

Maserati Logo was started by entrepreneurs. Staying true to its roots, the Maserati 100 is in its second year, and continues to recognize 100 individuals across – Philanthropists, Investors, Mentors & advisors, and, Ascending entrepreneurs – who are generously investing time and resource into the next generation. Peter Denton
Region Manager, Maserati North Europe

Entrepreneurs are the drivers of the economy: taking risks, starting businesses, creating jobs. Many also create significant social impact, giving their time, money and experience to benefit others, often without recognition or reward. The Maserati 100 acknowledges and celebrates this generosity towards young founders. Luke Johnson
Chairman, Center for Entrepreneurs


The Maserati recognize 100 the entrepreneurs who seriously  gives time and resources to encourage young founders. The awards are nominated by any member of the public who wishes to put forward a candidate and voting is now open.


Maserati is celebrating accomplished entrepreneurs who generously give back to the next generation of founders. Support can take many forms; whether through angel investing, mentoring, support or providing useful resources. Maserati would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution the entrepreneur community has on the economy and society.


The entrepreneurial spirit is in Maserati’s DNA. The legacy of of Alfieri Maserati and his Brothers lives on in every detail of Maserati today. Now in our second year of partnering these awards, we believe more than ever in the importance of supporting initiatives and recognizing others who do the same.

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