BUICK Car Logo Family History

Buick Car Logo Family History

  • Buick is an American Automotive Industry founded on May 1903 by David Dunbar Buick.
  • It is a currently division of General Motors (GM).
  • Its headquarter in Detroit Michigan.
  • Its area is only served in the united states. Canada, Mexico, and China.
  • Webiste: http://www.buick.com

1903 - 1905

Started 1903 to 1905 we have a man with i don’t know some kind of cane and he’s walking on earth he’s walking on earth.

1905 - 1911

In this logo there are two words of Buick here in the center of the circle right here and on the rim of the circle it says the car of quality.

1911 - 1913

We have some kind of symbol right here with the a line and i realized i think it’s just a B and we have the words uick so it’s like BUICK with Copper Golden Color.

1913 - 1930

We have the word BUICK in script text it’s white and here we have a blue square and we have another square that is white and here we have another square that’s kind of like beige  and here we have got a square that’s white. 

1932 - 1937

This is just the front of car way back in the 1930’s which was the decade of the great depression so here we have the word Buick and red Text and here some kind of shred shapes i think it looks like a ladybug with those shapes being combined.

1937 - 1939

This was their coat of arms here we have like a shield and it’s bad our kind of looks like a game of chess and and here we have like yellow cross and another yellow saying.

1939 - 1942

Buick logo it looks like same like previous but some changes the color is red  and its shield shape with diagonal blue chess.

1942 - 1947

It has been modified we have the coat of arms right here we the moose and we have some kind of thing right here we have the checkers banner and here some kind of golden thing and some background is Black.

Buick logo history 1942-1947

1947 - 1949

In which shows the shield is kind of that widening. Blue  diagonal chess shape with under two small images.

1949 - 1959

In which logo use red color but shape same as previous but in silver and chrome style.

1959 - 1985

Here we have three shields three of the same shields which are red white and blue.united states of america and it’s inside a silver circle.

1975 - 1976

It changed to an eagle with round shape in a circle.

1976 - 1990

Here we have an eagle logo design and it’s flying off the eye and here we have to wear Buick well and also it’s in a red background.

1990 - 2002

Welcome back three shield of three colors red white and blue so here shields have been reused except there are no like animals on it and it’s not like a chest banner anymore and it’s inside a sliver circle also often the metal one is more like grey not whites and we have the trade mark word BUICK in blue text.

2002 - 2015

We have an alternative version where it’s kind of like advanced but its all silver.

2015 - Present

Finally in the present design welcome back with three shield of red white and blue. they’re back to the colors again has been used for three years now there’s 2019 and we have the word BUICK.

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