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Tesla Car history

  • It is an American automotive and energy Storage Company founded on July 1st
  • It was founded by Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, Elon Musk, J.B. Straubel, & Ian Wright.
  • Its Headquarters are in Palo Alto, California.
  • Its key people are Robyn Denholm (Chairman), Elon Musk (CEO), J.B Straubel (CTO), Deepak Ahuja (CFO), & Jerome Guillen (President of automotive).
  • As of 2018, there are 45,000 employees.
  • Official Website is tesla.com
Martin Eberhard
Martin Eberhard
Marc Tarpenning
Marc Tarpenning
Elon Musk
Elon Musk
J.B. Straubel
J.B. Straubel
Ian Wright
Ian Wright
What is the meaning of Tesla.

In the international system of units, the derived unit of magnetic flux density or magnetic inductive, its Symbol T.

Tesla 2003

Let’s get stated 2003 to the present we have a red shape that looks like a tee and it also has a line on top of it below that shape we have the word TESLA in red text this also happens to be the only logo for this.

In the late 90s a groundbreaking electric car called the ev1 quickly drew a loyal and hardcore following but the spark behind GM’s first Eve ended abruptly. In 2003 electric car enthusiasts gathered in California and a mock funeral for the car which was discontinued and cancelled by GM the automaker claimed there was not enough market demand to keep the eve dream alive so the rounded up the cars shipped them off to the desert and crush them under the scorching sun the death the EV1 was a defining moment for electric vehicles not because it was an early setback for the green movement but it was also a catalyst for rebirth.

The destruction of ev1 inspired the creation Tesla Motors in 2003. Two Silicon Valley engineers Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpon and sold their eBook business for 187 million dollars and started to build the greener car.

Elon Musk joined as an early investor leading the series a financing and taking on several other roles as well.

Tesla’s plan was simple but potentially genius one focus on lithium ion batteries which they expected to get cheaper and more powerful for many years to start a high margin a high performance sports car the aim was to shed existing stigma around EVs and used the revenue to fund a more affordable car and three achieve economies of scale so that Tesla could target other segments like semi-trucks.

Tesla also planned to integrate energy generation and storage in the home and develop other emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles with the plan set the company was ready to build its high performance low volume sports car the Roadster. Tesla wanted to reduce complex manufacturing by plugging the Tesla develop battery and power train into the existing chassis of the Lotus Elise however the company began customizing more and more parts which made costs spiral out of control by the end the Roadster and the Elise had little in common just 7%  of parts by count Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy and several CEO’s came and went eventually Elon Musk took the job in October 2008 musk made drastic changes to save the company he cut 25% of the workforce recalled 75% the roadsters raised 40 million dollars of debt financing formed a strategic partnership with Daimler and borrowed 465 million dollars from the US government a total of two thousand four hundred and fifty roadsters were made and the iconic car became the springboard for the EV revolution each roadster had a 9992 pound lithium cobalt oxide battery giving the car an impressive 244 mile range this reduced range anxiety and made more appealing to the masses in 2010.

Tesla IPO Don Nasdaq raising 226 million dollars it was the first American car company to go public since Ford in 1956 the car maker then aimed for a wider market by focusing on two new cars Model S and Model X the two models were poised for success but Tesla ultimate potential still seemed limited by the high cost of lithium ion batteries after all if batteries were too expensive EV could never compete with gas on price and they would never be mainstream to combat this in 2013 Elon Musk revealed ambitious plans for the Tesla Giga  factory a massive operation to reach economies of scale in lithium ion battery production and ultimately make vs cheaper than gas powered vehicles as Tesla built its Giga factory it hit many other milestones.

The company released autopilot giving the Model S semi-autonomous capabilities the power wall was revealed a lithium ion battery for the home finally it announced the model 3 the car for the masses in 2016 by the end of 2017. Tesla passed Ford Car and market Value just seven years after its IPO to understand.

Tesla ambitious for the future you need to know two thing their mission which is to accelerate the world’s transit into sustainable energy and their strategy which is to productive the factory so that vehicle assembly can be automated at revolutionary pace. Tesla knows that building a few electric cars won’t make a dent in the global energy picture which is why it’s using its factory tech to go bigger and better the Tesla semi will go from zero to 60 with and 80,000 pound payload.

Musk also says he wants to build a pickup truck an EV is designed for a high passenger density urban transport the model Y will be a crossover built on the model 3 platform and there will be an ultra-low cost model built as the company achieved scale to do this it will also need bigger and better Giga factories.

Tesla Future goals

Tesla also wants to change the entire energy paradigm by popularizing an eco-system that allows homeowners to run their appliances and cars off green energy and even sell it back to the gird.

Tesla’s goals are ambitious and the company’s strategy is even considered naïve by some but if Elon Musk and Tesla can perfect the building of the machine that builds. The machine all bets will be off the question is will Tesla achieve their goals.

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