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Kids Halloween Costumes

Find the Latest Halloween costumes for Kids and for any occasion, for holiday, School, or a party. Huge assortment of kids Halloween costumes in a range of sizes, styles, themes, and price points. We have very detailed size charts available for all our items we sell so you can be sure you get the proper fit for your child the first time around. Take advantage of our information and wide selection to make your child’s event a great success.

We start carrying kids Halloween costumes for little ones that are just born as well. Don’t worry if you are shopping for a newborn, infant or a toddler, Costume coupons has you covered. With so many styles to choose from you can pick a costume for your little ones and then get a matching one for yourself. We have a wide variety of cute, scary, and funny kids Halloween costumes here Halloween Costumes Coupons.

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Halloween Costumes Accessories

Halloween costume accessories help you complete your costume look. Do you ever notice why the best pirate at the party has all the toys to go with it? From a sword and a pirate goblet to the colorful parrot on his shoulder. This is the proper way to finish off the best Halloween costume  . Many outfits do come complete and are ready to wear, but set it off with that perfect accessory to finish the look.

Make-Up has a great affect. In fact the person who won our photo contest last year did not even have a outfit, her Halloween costume  were made up of strictly make up. We saw a picture of her later with no Make-Up on and we could not even tell it was the same person. The same way people use it every day in front of the mirror, is the same way witches get scary, vampires have blood dripping off of their fangs or clowns can be cheerful and more fun looking.

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Pets Costumes

You can be Dorothy and you little pooch can also follow the yellow brick road dressed up in a Wizard of Oz pet costumes. If there is only a trio and you need your pooch to complete the quartet put him or her as the tin man while you and the others wear Pet costumes can also be worn for every day, whether your dog is big or small we have the perfect dog costumes for them. Imagine strolling around in the mall as a bumble bee or a French maid. I know we have all sizes but I am not encouraging you to put your bulldog in a French maid outfit, I think you will scare everyone away. Dress your cute kitty in cat costumes and year round and go out have a good time and you’re your & loved one in some Pet costumes.

Halloween Costumes Sales

Just because they’re on sale doesn’t mean they’re not great costumes! If you’re curious or you’re in the mood for something a little less expensive (or a lot less expensive, in some cases) then our Costumes on Sale is the section to check out.

There’s no better time than now to pick up one of our many costumes that are on sale right now! Some are marked down as much as 90% and even more are marked below cost. If you see something you like—whether it be a Michael Jackson costume or a Star Wars costume or even a soldier, a devil, or a 50’s greaser—don’t be afraid to pick it up, because once any of these are gone, they’re gone for good!

We’ve got costumes and accessories of just about every variety all waiting for a good home. There are kid’s costumes, men’s costumes, women’s costumes, along with pet costumes and costumes made for couples . Not only that our warehouse is jam packed with all kinds of accessories—wigs, masks, weapons, decorations, shoes, wands, hats, and who knows what else! The only way to find out is to look for yourself. And believe me, there’s something here for everyone and anyone.

Strike while the iron is hot, I say. If you’re looking to be a vampire, a witch, an intergalactic Predator, a firewoman, a pilgrim, or a celebrator of Dia de los Muertos, we’ve got a costume for you (unless they were sold out as you were reading this!). Let’s not forget that buying one of our clearance items is a fantastic way to practically guarantee no one else shows up on Halloween night dressed the same as you!

Costumes on Sale is a section that has something for everybody, and won’t break the bank!

Halloween Masks and Halloween Wigs

Latest collection of Halloween Masks and Halloween Wigs will complete your look for your costumes, from Halloween to fantasy we have you covered. Get the latest Halloween Masks and Halloween Wigs collections. Halloween Masks can be worn with just your every day clothing to give you a quick and easy solution for what to wear for Halloween. Many people like Halloween Masks to get them in the spirit while they are passing out candy, when the little ones open the door and say “trick or treat” you can jump from the behind the door and give them a good scare. Also make sure to check out the online exclusive Sarah Palin Mask.

Halloween Wigs  will definitely finish off the look for you. What would a redneck be without a mullet? What would Snow White look like with blonde hair, or better yet a blond Dorothy? Doesn’t make sense does it? Halloween wigs costumes are a must if you want to beautiful look the part. We have items for every budget, we offer a huge selection of cheap wigs.

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Dazzling Silver Womens Flapper Costume

Dazzle your friends with this Silver Flapper Costume!

Do you love dancing the Charleston? Get into all that jazz and put on a sleek and sexy outfit for your Halloween parties with this Dazzling Silver Womens Flapper Costume! People won’t be able to take their eyes off you when you stroll in to the speakeasy with this classy Silent Era costume – but they won’t be able to stay quiet about it! Put on your best Clara Bow hat and post up in your favorite smoky, dark corner – don’t worry, they’ll come to you! Bring the 20′s back to the modern era with this awesome outfit today!

At Costume design, no matter what era you identify with, we can put you in a classic look. Whether you want to be seductive, hilarious or just plain awesome, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our Roaring 20′s Costume theme and pick out what’s right for you!

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Get into bootlegging with this Adult Gangster Costume!

Got a bit of a wild streak? Or maybe you just want to bring down the house in a hard-boiled style that’ll have everyone thinking twice before they mess with you! Get your tommy gun and go Capone on your Halloween party with our Mens Adult Gangster Costume! Toss on that fedora and get the lingo down right when you bring in the supplies Prohibition denied us! Don’t let those coppers slow you down!

Grab this costume and take to the streets in this classic style for your Halloween party! No matter what style or theme your party’s got going on, any outfit you pick from our Roaring 20′s Costumes theme will have you in a sleek, sexy style that anyone will envy for Halloween!

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Adult Halloween Costumes

Adult Halloween Costumes to get you in the spirit of the season! Even though you’re of age, you can still show off that youthful vigor and comic book love with our Spiderman Costumes theme! Whether going as a sexy, sassy Spidergirl, wanting to put on a dark Venom Muscle costume or just going as classic Spidey, there’s a lot to love here!

Or maybe in the grand comics war, you were a DC kid – then look no further than our Superman Costumes theme! or you really are that awesome and just want everyone to know, our Superman Adult Costumes will have you squared away in no time!

For that sexy woman who loves the idea of playing a fairy princess, our Tinkerbell Costumes theme will put her in an adorably hot look this Halloween! Or maybe you want to put a bad girl spin on the classic Peter Pan character? Our very punk Tinkerspell Womens outfit will put all of those manic pixie dream girls to shame!

Or do you want to go for international superstardom? Then put on your p-p-p-poker face and just dance with our Lady Gaga Costumes theme! Bring glam rock into the modern day – but watch out for the fame monster! This wild pop star has influenced the course of pop music and fashion in a way we haven’t even seen the last of! No matter what you’re looking for, Costumes has you covered in our Adult Costumes section!

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No matter when you were born, young or old, you’ve grown up with these amazing people – and now you can take these nostalgic looks to your Halloween party!

With a snazzy 70′s style orange blouse and a wide fly collar, you’ll have a classic television look that everyone will come to enjoy!

Halloween’s a time to show off the colors and looks of what’s inspired us throughout our lives! When you want to bring out the best in American television, dress up in the styles of your favorite characters and take this wholes me look to your Halloween gatherings

We’ve got everything covered straight out of our Iron Man Costumes line! Jim Rhodes has an awesome gunmetal grey suit of armor!

You can still get into one fearsome suit as Tony Stark’s best friend, Jim Rhodes! And that’s not all – for War Machine, we’ve got a couple of killer accessories to go with it!

Wild, controversial and debaucherous, for viewers it’s the perfect party by proxy. With the distinct looks of these characters, you’ll be easily recognizable in one of our Jersey Shore costumes – and we’ve taken care of all the work to get in

If you’re wanting to spin some tracks and get people dancing at your Halloween party, you should get squared away in the style of the show’s most popular DJ!


Our Super Mario Brothers Costumes not only dress you in true Mario fashion, with his signature red shirt, blue overalls, and black mustache, but we even thought about the rest.The possibilities continue since we provide the options to become Luigi, Mario’s trusted sidekick in the game, or the sexy Princess Peach, the treasure at the end of the treacherous course!

Here, at Costume Deals Offers, we have all the bases covered for your rugged course towards the castle, as you browse our Costumes for sale and continue.