How to test a key fob

How to test a key fob in alot of cases when you encounter a key fob that doesn’t work that won’t unlock or lock the doors etc it’s hard to differentiate between a problem with the key fob itself and a problem with the receiver on the car or possibly even an issue with the programming of the car to match that particular key fob and so one of the first steps is to find out if the key fob is even transmitting a signal that’s what this tool is used for press the button and the light cycle for a minute once the red light is on being a key fob over to this window right and press the button you will see in this case your cycles just briefly to the good position but that’s all so that key fob is marginal this key fob here immediately shows there’s got a strong signal that key fob is good and the last key fob doesn’t cause the tool to respond at all indicating that the battery needs to replaced in the key fob and so it gives you a good idea of whether the key fob is even transmitting a signal and whether you need to look at the or need to replace the battery in the key fob it’s a really quick and efficient way to test this.

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