Drive with safety mask and gloves

How To Reduce Disease And Risk Of Coronavirus In Vehicles

Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 it has hit the America and the world countries and it is hard what drivers to do are. First you need to know about the coronavirus symptoms. How it will affect you during driving a vehicles. Please make sure your precautionary measure is well and good for yourself and for others people in your vehicles who traveling with yours.

Times have changed it seems like days ago thing were pretty like normal now that feels like the whole world is on lockdown. Just today they are saying groups of people can’t get to gather bars are closing restaurant are closing and they are saying it’s not going to be few weeks but a few months. How you can a driver adjust to this current pandemic. Visit the WHO website.

Drive with safety mask and gloves

If you don't have to drive don't drive

There’s an old age that says better safe than sorry. If you don’t have to drive get out of town go be in nature get away from people do something that feeds your soul and just stay in house. What most drivers can do the right share most of the 70 percent drivers need to go out and make money to put food on the table pay the bills and keep the lights on.

Seven ways Precautions to drive

There are seven ways that you can adapt to this current and ever changing situation.

  • Please wear a mask and gloves.
  • Keep distance with each other.
  • Take the driver safety precautions.
  • Keep patience during drive safe yourself.
  • Check the body temperature after drop the customer.
  • Properly sanitize the hand s and also car.
  • Avoid to the get paper money.

I hope it is like keeping it clean up car and hand sanitizes with wipes when your passengers leave. Make sure to get the electronic payment transaction to reduce disease spreading for human being healthcare.

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