History of Saleen

History of Saleen, since 1984 Steve Saleen has worked his special blend of magic and engineering on th Ford Mustang transforming it into a machine of the utmost importance. His passion for the Mustang goes back almost 30 years after winning his first SCCA race in a Shelby Mustang in 1975. Steve turned this passion into profession and quickly progressed to the formula Atlantic and Trans Am racing series. His experience in road racing prompted the birth of the first Saleen Mustang in 1984. Teamed with former legendary Mustang drivers Parnelli Jones and George Fullmer along with future in the car racers Scott Pruett this first generation of SaleenMustang dominated the SCCA and went on to win the 1987 manufacturers championship.

In 1994 Ford redesigned its venerable Mustang, Saleen responded with his all-new model the S 351. With his own new Mustang Steve formed a racing team partnership with home improvement funny man and part time racer Tim Allen.  The Saleen Allen racing team went on to garnish consecutive wins than any other team in SCC history an unprecedented three times in a row. Not to mention racing at the infamous 24 Hours of Le Mans. With its racing pedigree the Saleen Mustang has also proven to be equally successful on the street. These potent Street machines are the roots behind the most powerful American supercar.

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