History of Auburn company

History of Auburn, Founded in 1874, the Eckhart Carriage Company was for years the best known vehicle manufacturer in the Central West. When it became evident that “Dobbin should go,” the officers of the company turned their energies to the manufacture of the “horseless carriage”. Thus in 1900, the Auburn Automobile Company was established and the Auburn Car made its first national appearance at the Chicago Automobile Show in 1903.

Down through the years the Auburn has had a steady and healthful growth, and today the Auburn is not only distinctive beyond measure but offers the utmost in value. The recent acquisition of the Duesenberg factory indianapolis places the findings and experience of one foremost technical and research institutions in the country at AUBURN’S fingertips. Auburn turns its capital oftener and operates on a lower overhead, owing to the most modern assembly methods being employed.

The motors are made by the Lycoming Motor Company of Williamsport, Pa., which Company is controlled by the Auburn Automobile Company Makind the castings. After testing under power all motors are torn down and examined for wear and defects.

 On arrival at Auburn each motor is individually and carefully tested. Each motor is run for ten hours, which approximates 200 miles. The motors are then connected to a propeller which offers the same resistance as the car and again carefully tested under load. The motor is set on rubber at all suspension points; this method has been used by Auburn for many years. The chassis now goes to the assembly line and starts its journey through the factory. As the chassis goes forward it is sprayed with enamel and passes through an oven, where the enamel is thoroughly baked on the metal. All hoods, flashings, gas tanks, etc., are made on the premises. Fenders are given three coats of special enamel, each coat being thoroughly baked after each application. In the meantime, wheels, wires, radiators, etc., are assembled and prepared for the assembly line. The bodies are made by the Central Body Company, the Mc Farlane Motor Company and The Limousine Body Company of Kalamazoo, Mich. All rough spots are removed and the surfacer applied. Three priming coats or surfacing coats are applied; each coat is thoroughly dried in special ovens for a period of three hours. After the windshields, instrument boards, and hardware are fitted, the body goes to the assembly line. In just six hours and forty-five minutes, the car leaves the assembly line on its own power. In the test room each car receives a very rigid and thorough inspection. Experts polish the body with Simonize Wax. The result is a perfect finish of high gloss. Then to the filling station and ready for the road test. 

The auto race track is the laboratory of the automobile world, the test in the crucible. Auburn broke all stock car records from five to five thousand miles and established new records from five thousand to fifteen thousand miles in the fastest and longest endurance test ever held. We claim the Auburn 8-88 will do 80 miles per hour and have proved that it will do 90 miles per hour. Today Auburn is recognized as the fastest growing company in the industry. 

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