Grabber AT

A new dimension in off-road the all-terrain tyre from General Tire.
Providing strong grip tire and excellent handling, both off- and on-road. The tyre’s robust construction protects against damage to the tread pattern and sidewalls. The technology used in the GRABBER AT ensures comfortable handling in combination with high mileage.

Grabber at

Outstanding traction
• Shifted shoulder and center blocks with nodes
• High grip due to free and interlocking block edges
• Excellent transmission of high traction and braking forces

Grabber AT Tire

Excellent steering performance off road
• Aggressive shoulder blocks with high lateral stiffness
• Interlocking angled center blocks with nodes
• High lateral force transmission

High grip in muddy terrain
• Turning and widening V-shaped grooves
• Open shoulders in line with central traction grooves
• Self-cleaning effect from center to shoulder

Better grip on mud and grass
• Traction ridges at base of every groove
• High tread depth
• Additional traction pulls you through even on difficult terrain

Long lasting in rough conditions
• Solid, stiffness and flexibility balanced blocks
• V-shaped grooves and turning block edges
• Stone retention avoids tyre damages.

Robustness of shoulder and sidewall in rough terrain
• Aggressive extended off shoulder blocks
• Protection against damages caused by rocks or other objects.

Grabber AT2

Grabber AT2

Highlights Features

  • With its optimized 5-row tread pattern, this tyre aggressively grips for a commanding performance both on- and off-road.
  • The self-cleaning grooves trap sound providing a comfortable ride on-road
  • The traction ridges provide superior traction to pull you through your off-road adventures

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