‘Fortnite’ Find Car Parts Locations for Week 2 Challenges

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Fortnite car parts are often hidden in little nooks and crannies. There are many potential hiding places for car parts around the map, but there are also a few that have been discovered to be reliable places to go if you’re out of luck. Here are every location where the game has shown us where to find car parts so far:

Southeast of Tilted Towers – This area is directly southeast of the towers, near the water. A large palm tree sticks out at this point. Close by, you can get access to an assault rifle or tactical shotgun depending on what type of weapon you prefer.

West side of Tilted Towers – Tilted Towers is surrounded by many buildings on its perimeter, so keep an eye out for cars around the buildings. In between Junk Junction, Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory – There seems to be a pattern here: junk items. Seek out a house with a backyard full of trash and you should find a car part waiting there for you. This area is often near other weapons as well, so if you’re low on ammo, consider stopping by here.

Northeast of Lucky Landing – On the northeast side of Lucky Landing, there will be several cars next to a building that is about to fall over. Check these cars for parts.

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East side of Lucky Landing – There are two buildings on this part of the map that are right near the water. Check under them for car parts.

Southeast of Salty Springs – There is a wrecked bus in the cave southeast of Salty Springs, but it’s not quite where everyone expects it to be. You’ll have to head inside the cave entrance that leads into the mountain to find this one. The bus doesn’t require the usual key to get into, but there will be fewer enemies around here.

Northwest side of Haunted Hills – There is a small building that sits on its own in this area of the map. It’s accessible from many angles along the wall and there are two cars just chilling inside it. This one overlooks an underground lake, making it a nice place to land.

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North of Haunted Hills – There are two billboards lying side by side in this area. Hop up on them and check under them for the car part. This is also another good landing spot. Just watch out for enemies who may be hiding behind the billboards with you!

West shore of the map – A car part spawns under the bridge on the west shore of the map. Keep an eye out for this one when you’re in that area.

East shore of the map – Head to the point furthest east on your mini-map to find a large sandbag wall with two cars spawning behind it. This is also another

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