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Lamborghini car history

Lamborghini Car History As with Enzo Ferrari, the story of Lamborghini once again takes us to the northernItalian province of Emilia-Romagna in the quiet township of Renazzo di Cento. It is there that poor grape farmers Antonio and Evelina Lamborghini raised their son Ferruccioamong the family’s vineyards. Young Ferruccio was born a Taurus, though you’ll …

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Suzuki car history

Suzuki car History

Suzuki car history Suzuki car history, Suzuki’s heritage dates back to 1909 like Toyota. Company started by innovating looms. Still today over a hundred years later. Suzuki family member Osamu Suzuki is the CEO. In 1952 Suzuki made the decision to diversify and like other companies including BMW and Honda, company quickly advanced to building …

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