History of Auburn

History of Auburn

History of Auburn company History of Auburn, Founded in 1874, the Eckhart Carriage Company was for years the best known vehicle manufacturer in the Central West. When it became evident that “Dobbin should go,” the officers of the company turned their energies to the manufacture of the “horseless carriage”. Thus in 1900, the Auburn Automobile …

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History of AMC Pacer

History of AMC Pacer

History of AMC Pacer History of AMC Pacer, After World War two America had over 10 different car companies but as the economy grew so did competition between them the three largest General Motors Ford and Chrysler dominated the business. These so called big three could afford to sell cars for less because they built …

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Polaris Logo

polaris RZR Evolution

Polaris History of innovation Polaris launched the first razor ten years ago and throughout the decades they’ve created new platforms in the power sports industry but it all started in a small garage in northern Minnesota way back in 1954. Edgar had seen his brother Alan and David Johnson built the first Polaris snow machine …

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Pontiac Logo

History of Pontiac

The History of Pontiac The History of Pontiac begins with the Oakland Motor Car Company. Which was purchased by General Motors in 1909. The Oakland brand produced moderately priced vehicle slide above Chevy but below Oldsmobile Buick and Cadillac. So where does Pontiac come in, well in the 1920 GM realized that there were widening …

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Eagle Logo

History of Eagle

History of Eagle History of Eagle, the history of eagle started from 1988. The Eagle brand was created in 1988, discontinued in 1998, and fully defunct on July 4, 1999. The AMC brand totally disappeared after the Chrysler acquisition. All of the Eagle cars were from other places and all re-badged. So essentially the Eagle …

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Subaru logo history

Subaru logo history

Subaru logo history It is an automobile manufacturing industry founded on July 15th, 1953. It was founded by Kenji Kita Chikuhei Nakajima. Its headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. Its key people are Yasuyuki Yoshinaga (representative director, president, and CEO) & Jun Konda (representative director and vice president). 1953-2003 Subaru logo history started from 1953. We …

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