BMW Logo History

BMW Logo History started from 1916.

  • It is a German automotive industry founded on March 7th, 1916 by Karl Rapp.
  • Its headquarters are in Munich, Germany.
  • Its key people are Norbert Reithofer (Chairman) & Harald Kruger (CEO).
  • As of 2017, there are 129,932 employees.
  • Official Website:

BMW Logo 1916-1923

We have a black circle with gold outline and on the rim we have the letters BMW, they are all gold and we have a circle with blue and white pattern.

BMW logo 1916-1923

BMW 1923-1936

Here’s the same logo but the letters and the outline are like thicker.

BMW 1936-1954

It’s actually the same logo as like last but the letters and the outline are white and also the blue and white pattern is now lighter.

BMW 1954-2000

Here’s the same logo as like last.

BMW 1954-2000

BMW Logo 2000-Present

This logo is also same but it’s now in 3D and it’s advanced.

BMW logo 2000-Present
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