Apollo Car Logo

Apollo Car logo
Apollo Car Logo

Apollo is a defunct German car manufacturer that was active in the 1970s and 1980s. The company was known for producing high-performance sports cars, and its logo has been an important part of its identity throughout its history.

The original Apollo logo was introduced in the 1970s and featured a stylized representation of the mythical Greek god, Apollo, with a bow and arrow. This logo was used for several years and became well-known among car enthusiasts and sports car fans.

In the 1980s, Apollo introduced a new logo that was more modern and sleek. The new design featured a stylized letter “A” in a circular shape, surrounded by a stylized representation of the sun’s rays. This logo emphasized the company’s focus on performance and speed, and was a recognizable symbol for the brand for several years.

Currently update Auto Cars Industry, Apollo ceased production in the late 1980s due to financial difficulties, and its logo was not used again. Today, the Apollo brand is remembered by car enthusiasts as a symbol of high-performance sports cars and the company’s logo remains an important part of its legacy.
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