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Alfa Romeo Logo History

  • Alfa Romeo Logo history is an Italian automotive manufacturer founded on June 24th,1910 in Lombardy, Italy by Alexander Darracq, Ugo stella, and Nicola Romeo.
  • Their Headquarters are in Piedmont, Italy.
  • Its key people are john Elkann (President) & Timothy Kuniskis (CEO).
  • Website:
Alfa Romeo Logo History


In this center of the emblem circle is called emblems it looks like one half has a white background with a cross in it and the other half has a snake and behind everything is blue also have a crown in it. We have a blue circle here and in that circle afterwards Alfa Milano in gold text because this originally started as just Alfa did not change her name to Alfa Romeo until 1915.


They changed their name to Alfa Romeo once again we got the cross and the snake now it looks like the snake is eating a man. In which words showing Alfa Romeo Milano in white text with yellow outline and inside this blue circle.


In the center of this emblem we have the white cross and not to my trust but the Red Cross and the snake. The words Alfa Romeo Milano and behind that is kind of like a wreath thing.


It shows the snake looks different and the wreath style. The brand name Alfa Romeo Milano is different they are just white but they have different types of outline in each words and this emblem is not like a wreath anymore it’s more like blue and red.


we have the emblem has changed to a red circle so inside that red circle we have a white cross and a white snake with a white crown getting aiding a white man.


It design same like previous but it’s now all colored instead of just gold.


They have actually removed the word Milano a year prior to this logo. This is an alternative version.

2005 - Present

Finally present the center of the album is now silver actually steel actually and then this has the Red Cross and snake eating this man Wallace is called my pedestrian and the white crown is on top of the snake but is not showing the eating alternative one half man.  We have the words Alfa Romeo in silver text. 
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